Thin-walled Stainless Steel Water Pipe

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Features of thin-walled stainless steel water pipe: corrosion resistance, aging resistance, pressure resistance, tensile resistance, pollution-free, long service life, easy installation and other advantages.
Packaging of thin-walled stainless steel water pipes: according to the actual situation
Use of thin-walled stainless steel water pipe: water supply, heating, gas supply system and medical gas transmission system engineering.
After-sale service: the quality commitment of pipe fittings free of maintenance and repair for life. During the service life, except for the quality problems caused by human factors, building structure and force majeure, generally no longer need to repair and maintain the pipe fittings, which will reduce the user’s use cost and use risk, and users can use Yongsui high-quality water supply system without worry.

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Several reasons for choosing Yinyang stainless steel pipe:
1. Convenient and fast construction, reduce construction period and construction cost;
2. National standard 304 stainless steel material, pollution-free, odor-free, to achieve true environmental protection, true health;
3. High pressure resistance, long service life, flexible connection, can offset the natural settlement of buildings, especially suitable for earthquake zone areas;
4. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, reliable sealing and long service life, especially suitable for solar and air energy hot water special pipelines and residential natural gas transmission pipelines;
5. Adopt thin-walled stainless steel material, implement standard production, break through the shackles of traditional products, and strive to reduce the use cost;
6. Clean, sanitary, safe and reliable, and meet the sanitary standard of direct drinking water transmission pipeline;
7. It is widely used in cold and hot water transmission pipelines and natural gas transmission pipelines in hotels, hospitals, schools, commercial buildings, venues, residential areas and public institutions;
8. The mature technology from Germany has been widely used in developed countries and regions for more than 40 years


Purpose and characteristics of thin-walled stainless steel water pipe (II-101):
It is mainly used in food and beverage brewing equipment, chemical machinery, plumbing hardware, sewage treatment, ship hardware, residential water and other industries.

Sanitation: the inner wall has high smoothness and is not easy to scale after long-term use, which fully meets the drinking water sanitation standard.

Corrosion resistance: the whole pipe is treated by solid solution, and the surface is pickled and passivated, which is durable. It is better to add insulation layer or anti-corrosion layer to resist corrosion.

High strength: the comprehensive strength is 2 times of that of galvanized pipe and 3 times of that of copper pipe, which can withstand the water pressure of 10Mpa.

Light weight: the weight is 1/3 of the galvanized pipe, especially suitable for the piping of high-rise buildings.

Low conductivity: low thermal conductivity, 1/4 of that of copper pipe, low thermal expansion rate.

Environmental protection: the construction site is free of pollutants, does not pollute the environment, and can be recycled 100%.

Longevity: the service life is 70 years, which is synchronous with the building life, and it needs no replacement and maintenance for life, and the maintenance cost is low.

Saving: not easy to leak and save water resources.

Beautiful: generous, the pipeline can be installed in an open and concealed way. Different colors can be obtained by adding insulation layer or anti-corrosion layer.

Product parameters

Product name Nominal diameter(DN) Tube O.D.(mm) Tube wall thickness(mm) Product Code
Thin wall stainless steel water pipes(Ⅱ  101)

15 15.9 0.8 Ⅱ 101015
20 22.2 1.0 Ⅱ 101020
25 28.6 1.0 Ⅱ 101025
32 34 1.2 Ⅱ 101032
40 42.7 1.2 Ⅱ 101040
50 50.8 1.2 Ⅱ 101050
60 63.5 1.5 Ⅱ 101060
65 76.1 2.0 Ⅱ 101065
80 88.9 2.0 Ⅱ 101080
100 101.6 2.0 Ⅱ 101100
125 133 2.5 Ⅱ 101125
150 159 2.5 Ⅱ 101150
200 219 3.0 Ⅱ 101200
250 273 4.0 Ⅱ 101250
300 325 4 Ⅱ 101300

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