Plastic Coated Stainless Steel Water Pipe

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The plastic-coated stainless steel pipe is a plastic-coated 304 stainless steel insulation pipe, which is composed of 304 or 316 thin-walled stainless steel pipe covered with a layer of polyurethane foam insulation layer of more than 3mm and PE polyethylene pipe (PVC PVC). It is mainly used for thermal insulation of hot water pipes, chilled water pipes and condensate pipes, and can greatly reduce the vibration and resonance of chilled water and hot water pipes during use. It can prevent corrosion of stainless steel water pipes due to atmospheric medium or industrial environment.

Product specification: plastic-coated stainless steel pipe is made of 304 or 316L stainless steel, and the plastic-coated part is PE (polyethylene) pipe or (PVC and PVC) and polyurethane foam insulation layer.

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1. Reduce transportation costs
The stainless steel pipe has excellent corrosion resistance, will not scale in the long-term use process, the inner wall is smooth and clean as before, the transmission energy consumption is low, and the cost is saved. It is a water pipe material with low transmission cost.

2. Reduce heat loss
The thermal insulation performance of stainless steel water pipe material is 24 times that of copper water pipe, which greatly saves the loss of geothermal energy in hot water transmission. Stainless steel can work safely at a temperature of - 270 - 400 ℃ for a long time. No matter at high or low temperature, stainless steel materials will not precipitate harmful substances, and the material performance is stable. However, some pipes begin to precipitate harmful substances at 40 ℃ and produce peculiar smell;

3. Corrosion resistance
It has strong waterproof and corrosion resistance, and can be directly buried in the ground or water without attaching pipe trench. The construction is simple and rapid, and the comprehensive cost is low. It is a good choice to lay pipes embedded in the wall.

304 plastic-coated stainless steel pipe combines the characteristics of metal pipe and plastic pipe, and has a wide range of applications: cold water, hot water, clean drinking water, air, gas, medical gas, petroleum, chemical, water treatment and other pipeline systems, as well as buried, buried wall and exposed to corrosive environment. This product is also applicable to gas or other gas pipelines.

Product parameters

Product name Nominal diameter(DN) Tube O.D.(mm) Tube wall thickness(mm) Product Code Product name
Overmoulded stainless steel tubes(Ⅱ 102) 15 15.9 0.8 0.8 Ⅱ 102015
20 22.2 1.0 0.8 Ⅱ 102020
25 28.6 1.0 0.8 Ⅱ 102025
32 34 1.2 1.0 Ⅱ 102032
40 42.7 1.2 1.0 Ⅱ 102040
50 50.8 1.2 1.0 Ⅱ 102050
60 63.5 1.5 1.2 Ⅱ 102060
65 76.1 2.0 1.2 Ⅱ 102065
80 88.9 2.0 1.2 Ⅱ 102080
100 101.6 2.0 1.2 Ⅱ 102100

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